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Introducing EKTO VR Boots

EKTO VR Boots offer a new way to experience virtual reality. Because users are free to walk naturally in the EKTO VR Boots, it avoids the motion sickness and disorientation associated with current VR locomotion techniques. EKTO VR Boots’ motorized footwear enables movement in all directions, making it easy for beginners to feel comfortable during their stay in the virtual world.

Take your first steps towards virtual freedom

There are millions of virtual miles just waiting to be discovered in the metaverse. Why not walk them in our boots?



Built for any virtual world adventures, we designed the EKTO VR Boot system to be portable, comfortable, and, yes, pretty darn tough. Their carbon fiber construction is remarkably strong and responsive.

The EKTO VR Boot system is the result of years of research and development along with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered design, integrating advanced robotics technology to create a quiet, smooth, and reliable experience. Offering the most natural VR locomotion available today, its design creates stable footing for you on your adventures through virtual reality.

Step into a new adventure with the EKTO VR Boots! Our durable and low-profile strap design provides secure footing for your virtual journey. 

Novel Omnidirectional Drive Technology

With a foundation in advance robotics and artificial intelligence, the EKTO VR Boot system allows you to walk confidently and smoothly through any virtual terrain.

Safe, Strong, Wearable Design

Setting the bar high, the EKTO ONE lets you take charge of whichever virtual world you drop in to.  Advanced technology adapts the EKTO ONE to most shoe sizes while separate plates on the bottom of each boot allow for a full range of motion.

Adaptive Control Software

Our inner ear is extremely sensitive.  EKTO ONE’s adaptive control software connects head movements with a natural walking motion to completely prevent cybersickness.

The VR locomotion solution you’ve been waiting for.

Gone are the days of simulating walking on the spot or strapping into a virtual treadmill.  Be one of the first to experience the true freedom that virtual reality can offer.

Concept Boot

The EKTO VR Boot system has been developed over 7 years of advanced robotics R&D through 8 major versions, with a current pace of iterating every three months towards our concept boot design.  In consult with our team and Design for Manufacturing advisor, this beautiful design was developed by the accomplished and delightful Philipp Haban.

EKTO VR Boots of Tomorrow

by Philipp Haban

Talking about EKTO VR Boots

“I also preferred this kind of locomotion to the one of the omnidirectional threadmills like Virtuix Omni, because with the latter, I have the sensation of slipping on ice while I am walking, while this motorized shoes give me more the sensation I am walking naturally.”

– SKARREDGHOST, The Ghost Howls

“Ekto’s VR boots (called Ekto One) let you physically walk to propel yourself through VR, but the really neat thing is that when you’re taking those physical steps wearing the robo-boots, you won’t physically move through the room you’re in. The boots, using what I consider to be a form of robot magic, let you walk in place.”

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