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EKTO VR Revolutionizes VR Immersion with Newly Patented Robotic Footwear | Press Release

EKTO VR Revolutionizes VR Immersion with Newly Patented Robotic Footwear | Press Release

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – EKTO VR, a pioneer in immersive virtual reality (VR) technology, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 11,995,225 for its groundbreaking “System and Method of Robotic Virtual Reality Footwear.” EKTO VR secures this patent for revolutionary robotic footwear, enhancing VR immersion and solidifying the Company’s leadership position in the rapidly growing VR market while paving the way for a new era of experiencing virtual worlds.

“The issuance of this patent is a key milestone, marking the beginning of our patent portfolio and establishing our product’s technology as novel and inventive in the growing virtual reality and spatial computing markets,” said Brad Factor, Founder and CEO of EKTO VR. “We are at the forefront of a VR revolution, and our technology is poised to transform the way people engage with virtual reality, making it more natural and immersive than ever before. With this patented technology at their foundation, our Voyager SE Boots have consistently outperformed expectations, and we’re excitedly building upon that for our upcoming VR Shoes and beyond to meet the consumer demand for VR immersion.”

This announcement follows a series of recent successes for EKTO VR, including:

  • Scientific validation: EKTO VR’s Boots were the only locomotion system to receive an “Excellent” usability rating and were the best at mitigating motion sickness in a study by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL).
  • Expanding access: After over 500 user experiences in professional and commercial environments, the Company launched a pilot program for in-home deployment of the Voyager SE Boots.
  • Investor confidence: EKTO VR secured additional funding from key investors Reinforced Ventures and Innovation Works.

“We are proud to support EKTO VR who is setting new standards at the frontier of immersive experiences and redefining what is possible in virtual reality,” said Euan Guttridge, Founder of Reinforced Ventures. “This patent is a key milestone in their journey.”

EKTO VR is fulfilling the sci-fi promise of virtual reality, starting with robotic footwear that actively maintains the user’s position near the center of the room as they walk freely. This intuitively expands the virtual world, deepens immersion, and mitigates cybersickness – a key barrier to VR adoption for greater than 40% of potential VR users.

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June 17, 2024
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EKTO VR Announces 10 Major Milestones, Exciting Collaborations, and Innovative Product Developments | Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 18, 2023 – EktoVR, a pioneer in immersion-enhancing virtual reality (VR) products, is thrilled to announce a series of breakthroughs and collaborations, signaling the company’s rapid growth and market readiness.

  1. TODAY [3/18] EktoVR will showcase its immersive VR technology and release a new boot design at Two Bit Circus on March 18, 2023. The micro-amusement park is a popular destination for tech enthusiasts, making it an ideal venue for EktoVR‘s innovative boots.
  2. TODAY  [3/18] Oculus founder Palmer Luckey invites EktoVR for a private demo. Luckey has been a long-time supporter of EktoVR, encouraging the company’s development of its unique boots since its inception.
  3. THIS WEEK EktoVR is selected as one of 30 technologies to anchor Peter Diamandis’s prestigious Abundance 360 futurism summit, reinforcing the company’s position at the forefront of the VR industry.
  4. World-renowned designer Philipp Haban unveils a stunning concept model for EktoVR‘s revolutionary boots, blending high-fashion aesthetics with sporty functionality.
  5. Influencer Zulushi partners with EktoVR for an exclusive, immersive VR experience using the company’s cutting-edge boots. The highly-anticipated video will be released shortly.
  6. EktoVR introduces a new boot model that is built at ½ the cost and 23% lighter, and boasts improved aesthetics, bringing the company closer to a mass-consumer design.
  7. Pre-orders open for EktoVR‘s early adopter “artisanal” version, while a waitlist for the mass-consumer version launches simultaneously.
  8. EktoVR embarks on an LA/Bay Area roadshow to raise seed funding, showcasing its impressive progress and ambitious plans.
  9. The company celebrates its first year with a refined go-to-market strategy, targeting tech-loving futurist gamers and solidifying its brand identity.
  10. EktoVR‘s strategic money management and de-risking strategy has delivered exceptional value to its investors, with a focus on financial stability during market turbulence.

These milestones demonstrate EktoVR‘s strong commitment to innovation, collaboration, and leveraging converging technologies to revolutionize the VR industry. As the demand for immersive experiences grows, EktoVR‘s unique solutions are poised to define the next wave of virtual reality. With an exceptional team of passionate visionaries, EktoVR is perfectly positioned to bring its groundbreaking technology to market, shaping the future of VR experiences.

About EktoVR
EktoVR is a technology company committed to fulfilling the sci-fi promise of virtual reality with revolutionary immersion-enhancing products. The company’s innovative robotic boots enable limitless virtual reality experiences without motion sickness. By focusing on safety, open communication, responsibility, and strategic frugality, EktoVR has established itself as a leader in the VR industry, catering to explorers, visionaries, and those seeking a bigger and different world.

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