EKTO Academy

Update! Spring/Summer Semester Enrollment open February 29!

New Spring/Summer Semester Starts Soon!

We are experienced inventors, VR robotics engineers and technology teachers who want to share the things we love with the next generation. You are invited to our Academy program, where your child will enjoy courses in VR Game Design, Coding for robotics, YouTuber Skills, Rapid Prototyping, and Entrepreneurship with 4 weeks of classes for each course topic and 4 hours of classes each week! Your learner’s experience will also include weekly mentoring and social time with the inventor teaching the course and kids who share their interests and access to recorded content for each class, office hours, an online community space, and EKTO Academy Alumni Club activities.

Contacts us for more information at Academy@ektovr.com!

Experienced roboticists & engineers teach and mentor!



  • Fun topics & valuable skills
  • Mentoring
  • Social time to build lasting relationships
  • Digital content for each course
  • Office hours
  • Online Community Space
  • EKTO Academy Alumni Activities
  • Graduation party

EKTO Academy Alumni Club



Students will have access to future activities & events for EKTO Academy kids, and will be invited to an online community just for fellow alumni to stay in touch and collaborate on project extensions from their coursework.

Open House!




Come join us at EKTO VR (6101 Penn Ave) on Thursday, 2/29 from 4-7pm!



  • What age groups?
    10-16 years old
  • What if we miss a day?
    We have your back! We will have a weekly opportunity for office hours to catch up and video recordings of the content to refer to.
  • What if you run out of space? 8 kids per class is a small group.
    We will consider opening additional classes if possible.
  • Do you offer a homeschool class?
    Yes! We are even having a special open house event 2/29 at 10am-1pm for homeschoolers, feel free to stop by!

EKTO Academy Course of Study includes all of these topics:


VR Game Design

Coding for Robotics

YouTuber Skills

Rapid Prototyping