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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the EKTO ONE?



 EktoVR Experience @HQ

Can I use them with my favorite VR game?

They generally work with content off the shelf, but if you develop your own content, we offer an SDK for a more feature-rich integration.

Can I run in them?

Right now we can get up to a light jog, but future versions are being designed to go even faster.

How heavy are they?

They are about as heavy as walking in skis, but without the awkwardness of the ski length, and they are getting lighter with each design update!

What headsets do they work with?

What headset would you like them to work with? Let us know and we’ll get on it!  We have used many different headsets in the past, and the current version works with any SteamVR headset ( Varjo VR and XR series, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro series, and Valve Index ).

Will they fit my shoe size?

Probably! We want to share the best experience of virtual worlds with as many people as possible, and have confidence today in fitting sizes US Womens 8.5-15.5 (US Mens 7-14) with some individuals/shoes down to 5.5 (US Womens) fitting successfully.

Will I get motion sick?

The EktoVR system is more likely to cure your cybersickness! When your body sees movement, but doesn’t feel movement, you are likely to feel motion sickness.  The EktoVR system lets your body move in the real world as you move in your virtual world, so our most motion-sickness-prone users have finally been able to enjoy virtual worlds with EKTO ONE!

How do they work?

 You put the boots on over your shoes and take a few steps into your virtual world. As the boot system detects that you’ve left the center of the room, it engages the boot robotics to roll you back to that center point. As you walk deeper into your virtual world, the boot system matches your direction, angle, and pace, rolling you back to the center position, and keeping you safely in the middle of your room here in the real world.

When are these useful?

If your virtual world is larger than one room, and you put on your headset, stand up, and start walking out to explore or engage with it, you want to be wearing our boots.

Will I feel like I'm moving backwards?

Nope. The visual cues of your virtual world are stronger than the very gentle movement back to center, so you probably won’t feel that motion.  It’s so subtle that we’ve had users stop gameplay to ask when they will be moving back to center while actively in motion back to center and not realizing it.

How long do they run?

The current version runs for 1-2 hours, and charged batteries can be swapped in for continued use.

How much do they cost?



 EktoVR Experience @HQ

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